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Who do you love?

As the art programme nears an end, each student is making a final painting of someone they love. These will be shown at our final art show, which takes place in two weeks. Here are the paintings done by the children at the sharecropping village.
"I love my dad, my mom, and myself"

"I love my mom"

"I love my mom"

"I love my mom"

"I love my mom"

"I love my mom"

"I love my dad"

Working on the message paintings

Painting their families side by side

Brother and sister working hard

Creating Messages for the World

Over the weekend I asked all of the students to think about one of the most important things to them, and to consider how they would share this as a message to the world. They spent some time thinking of an idea, and then wrote it down in Thai. They then shared their ideas with the group, and with the help of my coteacher, I was able to understand what they had written. (It was a huge relief to be able to understand their
The students painted and drew their ideas onto huge handmade sheets of paper, and I'm really astounded by the effort that they put into each piece.
I explained to them that these pieces would be shared with people around the world, and their eyes lit up with excitement. I'm hoping to celebrate these student's messages by having an exhibit upon my return to the States.
You'll see that their messages vary greatly, but all show a positive response to the prompt. These kids are strong, positive thinkers, and have hopes and interests that reflect their unique personalities. 
By giving them an opportunity to express their most important ideas/messages, this exhibit will be a celebration of their lives, and a view into their resilient minds.
This fifteen year old boy's message to the world is that Thailand is beautiful, and everyone should see it.

This sixteen year old boy wants to share the message that he loves Thailand.

A sixteen year old boy's message is that Cristiano Ronaldo is his idol.

"Thailand is beautiful" - 16 year old girl

"I love books and want more books" - 16 year old girl

"Thailand is beautiful" - 20 year old 

"Thank you for my education" - 16 year old girl

"Education is important" - 13 year old girl

"Thailand is really beautiful, especially Mae Hong Son" - 11 year old girl

"I love my friends and wish that my old friends could come to my new school" - 13 year old girl

"Thailand is beautiful" - 14 year old boy

"Untitled" -  3 year old boy

" I love my family " - 9 year old girl

"Untitled"- mother and three year old daughter collaboration

" I love my family "- Five year old girl

" I love my family, my friends, and my teachers " - 6 year old girl

"I think Germany is the best team" - Long, a 8 year old football star

" Untitled "- 5 year old boy

" Untitled " - five year old boy

"Portugal is the best football team" - a 8 year boy, Jo

"Thailand is a beautiful country" - a 9 year old boy

"Untitled" - three year old boy

"Football is the best sport" - 8 year old boy

"I love my dad" - Seven year old boy

"I love my mom" - 6 year old girl

" I love my mom, and I hope she loves me too " - seven year old girl

" I love my mom "- eight year old boy

" I love my mom, my sister and myself "- 11 year old girl